It’s a good day to go to the market


Every week I try to go to the market. I’ll hop on my bike and cycle to the Albert Cuyp market, one of my favorite markets in Amsterdam. Not only because it is the closest to where I live, but also because of the great atmosphere.

The market is situated in between the Ferdinand Bolstraat and the Van Woustraat in “de Pijp”, a part of the city where there is a great mixture of cultures; there are still some real “Amsterdammers”, but also people from Surinam, Morocco, students and yuppies. It is a diverse market, with fruit, vegetables, clothing, cheap iPhone cases, fish and body shapers. (Hmmm… yes those skirts and tanks, which are way to tight and make nobody happy. You will end up cutting your way out to release yourself. I…should…have…left…that…chocolate…cake)

I always feel very welcome at “The Cuyp”, or so the locals call it, especially because of the traders who greet you in away like they know you for years and you just went on a holiday with them. They make me smile when they ask: ‘Hallo schat’, which means “Hello love”, and then talk about the weather or about the street musician who only knows one tone on his harmonica.Parika's

For my fruits and veggies I normally go to the self-service stand at the corner of the Eerste van der Helststraat and the Albert Cuypstraat, you will recognize it because they have red supermarket baskets with which you shop easily. They have all sorts of produce and you can pay by cash or by PIN.

I love to buy beets in different colors, they taste so much sweeter than the ones from the supermarket and they look beautiful when you slice them. Some days I try some new things, like okra, also known as “Lady Fingers”. They look more like witch fingers to me, but they taste great. I will soon post a recipe with okra in it.

I also love to get some  nuts and dried fruits, and of course fish. In my last post I used smoked mackerel that I bought at the Cuyp. You can buy them in one piece or in fillets, I prefer a whole one, not only because it is cheaper in the end, but also because I think they taste better.

So, when you are in Amsterdam, visit the Albert Cuyp Market. Oh, and do not forget to eat a hot “stroopwafel”, but keep the body shaper in mind, haha!

Which markets do you like to visit? Maybe I can check them out some day, all tips are welcome. asperges

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