Green Monster?

Last year I was looking for a way to eat healthier, to be kinder to my body, which could result in feeling less bloated, more energized and maybe lose the last extra pounds. I searched on the Internet and found something called “veganism”. It started with Alicia Silverstone’s blog “The Kind Life”, where she explaines all the principles of being vegan. Vegans do not eat meat, fish, dairy products and other animal related foods including eggs, but they do eat a lot of vegetables, legumes, grains, soy products, and nuts.

Veganism looked promising, so I tried to get some more information about being vegan and found a blog called “Oh She Glows”, written by Angela Liddon. Angela shares the greatest healthy and delicious recipes and through her blog I found out about a thing called “The Green Monster”. The name made me think; apparently you cannot eat animals as a vegan, but monsters are fine. This could me something for me! After a happy “yay”, soon came a disappointed “nay”: the picture inserted in the post showed a glass full of a green substance, which did not really look appealing to me. The only green thing I would put in my juice at that time was a kiwi and those were not as green as this photo showed. After reading the recipe I found out that the greens that colored the monster were spinach and kale. WHAT? Who would drink that for fun?

But I wanted to get healthier and green is the color of nature, of grass and of springtime, great associations with feeling great, I would say! I tried it and it was not that bad, not bad at all actually and from that day on I made juices and smoothies like the Green Monster. Some were better than others, some had strange colors, but they were all very filling and made me feel super powerful. The veganism, on the other hand, was not my thing, I like my (organic) meats, but it inspired me to have more meat free days and eat and drink less diary products than before.

Today I will share “My Favorite Monster”, which is a beginners version. I had it for breakfast yesterday and like every morning I asked my boyfriend to try it, but this time he looked at my monster and said: ‘This one looks nice as a pesto spread with a delicious piece of bread at dinner, but not for breakfast.’

My Favorite Monster

My Favorite Monster:

(for one mega monster or 2 glasses)

  •       1 frozen banana
  •       ½ avocado
  •       3 cups of spinach
  •       1 glass of water
  •       3 ice cubes
  •       If you want to be nicer to your body, add some linseeds.
  1. A frozen banana makes the smoothie creamier. The best way to freeze one is to slice it first and to put it in the freezer for 2-4 hours; this makes it easier for your blender.
  2. Throw everything together in a blender or use your hand blender, and blend, blend, blend until it is smooth.
  3. I drink the whole thing for breakfast, but maybe you would like to share… Enjoy!

What kind of smoothies do you make?

Here you can read more about Alicia’s Kind Life and Angela’s Glow.

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