Pure Markt In The Amstelpark, Amsterdam

PuremarktWhen I grow up I want to live in a house with a garden. In my garden I would have al kinds of colorful flowers, an apple tree and a small field with all kinds of vegetables, herbs and some smaller fruits like strawberries. Every day I would look out of my window with a cup of tea in my hand and look for some differences from the day before. Then I will go outside and plough, cut some flowers, dig a hole for a new blueberry bush and harvest the apples to make an amazing apple pie. That is my dream… In reality I live in a great apartment, but I do not really have a balcony, only a kind of hallway outside, I do not know the English word for.

So I am dependent of farmers markets. Luckily nowadays there are quit a few in Amsterdam, like the one every Saturday on the Noordermarkt. Every Sunday there is a Pure Markt (pure market) in a different area in Amsterdam, it is a market where different kinds of foods are sold from a pure origin and every second Sunday of the month it is in the Amstelpark near my gardenless house.

If you did the math, than you have figured out that yesterday was a second Sunday, so you probably understand where I was. I went with some friends and we strolled around, checked out all the amazing stands and tasted some foods.

Puremarkt3We met Ben and Sanne from Barefood. They make some incredible nut pastes in all kinds of flavors like: Coconut Cashew Cream, Maple Almond Bros, Zico Brazil Nut, Macadamia & Co and CACAO NOW! Itasted almost every one of them except the almond one, because I already have some experience with that one. We were in awe of the Coconut Cashew Cream. I had never tasted anything like it, it was like eating something that is horribly bad for your health, but it was full of only the good stuff, like coconut oil, cashews, maple syrup and sea salt. You think you miss some ingredients like E29930022 E38440 Acryphilostyphololoco, and all kinds of conservatives you can’t pronounce, but this is it. Just four ingredients, nothing more, nothing less. The CACAO NOW!  also was the bomb, a full explosion of cacao occurred in my mouth, but to protect myself from putting the pot to my lips and eat it in one session, I bought the Maple Almond Bros. I thought it was the safest option, but I taste the almond butter while writing this post and it is not like other almond butters I had. It is a soft, creamy nut butter with a really great maple sweetness and a little coconut flavor.

Puremarkt4The other cool things I bought, at another stand, were three different kinds of mint plants. I couldn’t keep myself from creating my own little garden, so I bought, Moroccan Mint that I will use in my tea, Strawberry Mint, which smells and tastes like strawberries. The lady that sold it to me, told me that it is great in desserts, so I can’t wait to try that. The third one was Black Peppermint, I thought that it would be like black pepper, but it smells and tastes more like a peppermint.  I am not really sure what I will use it for, but I thought it was cool to have natural peppermint in my wannabe-garden.

I also bought some great black olives and lovely small sweet strawberries, so you will understand that I am so happy with my “goody bag” from the Pure Markt. When you are a weekend in Amsterdam, you should check out where it will be that Sunday and go there, you won’t be disappointed

Have a great day and I will see you soon at Room For Food!

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Weekend Lunch Tip

Let the sun shine! I can’t wait to spend the weekend with my familiy! What are you going to do? Strolling in the city? Jogging in the park? Dancing all night long? Having lunch with a friend?

If you need a tip for a great lunch in Amsterdam, here it is: Café-Restaurant De Ysbreeker is the one to go to!

It has a nice terrace and great food. I had a sandwich with grilled veggies as you can see below and a lovely Spring Salad. I swapped the Bigas Toast for amazing Spelt toast, yummie for my tummy!



Have a nice one!

Love Roos

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Rollende Keukens in Amsterdam

One of the best festivals I know is “Rollende Keukens” (Rolling Kitchens) in Amsterdam. It is a food festival at the Westergastfabriek organized by Mister Kitchen and Pacific Parc, where all kinds of street food cars are stationed for a few days.

rollende keukens 1rollende keukens 8

I went there yesterday with a few friends and it was heaven on earth. Everywhere you looked you could get food for a small price, from pastas to ice cream, to vegetarian soups, crepes, hamburgers and cotton candy. My friend and I walked about three rounds over the festival, just to decide what to eat. That is the downside of the “Rollende Keukens”, all the beautiful cars, smells, people and music over stimulated me. So it took me some time to pick something. Decisions, decisions… Finally after an hour I started with a pulled pork sandwich at the Smokey Goodness Barbeque. There was a long line, but it was worth the waiting, the sandwich was not to heavy and the coleslaw made it nice and fresh. If you don’t want to wait, than you should go to an amazing stand on the right of the Smokey Goodness Barbeque, called the Rolling Rock Kitchen. It is a real rock ‘n roll street food car, where they serve Bloody Mary Gazpacho and have great mojito ice creams.

rollende keukens 6

After my pulled pork I had some room for a small plate of mozzarella and tomato ravioli at the Eatery, it was a really nice pasta with great tomato, basil and capers sauce. These meals saturated my longing for savory food and I took a nice espresso at Bakkie to help my stomach process all the food I already had. It was the best coffee I had since quit some time, a good strong espresso, with a bit of a pure chocolate taste to it.

rollende keukens 9

As some of my readers know; I am a sweet tooth. So there is always room for something sugary. This took us some more time, because what should you choose? Lemon lavender cheesecake? Chocolate fondue? French toast? But then we smelled something I didn’t have in ages… Crepes!! The Crepes Mobiel had a long list of crepes and galettes (which are savory crepes), but this was not a hard one for me, because I wanted to taste something I have never had, a chestnut cream crepe. Holy crepe, that one was great. Sweet, nutty and I couldn’t imagine a better grand finale of my food adventure that day.


rollende keukens 4

The festival is still going on and ends on Sunday the 12th. Just go, dive in the amazing food; headfirst and mouth wide open.

More info about Rollende Keukens

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