Almond Milkalicious

Almondmilk3In the land of foodblogs homemade almond milk is one of the favorite subjects written about. So I felt the pressure to make it myself. I was curious of how hard it could be to milk an almond, first of all: where is the almond’s nipple? Okay, this is just my perverted mind talking. After doing some research and reading a lot of amazing blogs, I have found a recipe at a blog called Great Body & Skin written by the Dutch model Angela Willemse. She has a nice blog about eating healthy in combination with working-out to get a great body and skin. It is a great inspiration for me.

For a long time I bought almond milk at the organic supermarket, it is sweetened with agave syrup and it tastes quite good when I use it in my oatmeal. This is a great alternative for the usual cow’s milk if you are lactose intolerant or want to bring your dairy-intake to a minimum. I wanted to do it even better and made my first almond milk this morning. It tastes different from the bought version, but it was nice for a first try. The mistake I made was using dates that were of a lower quality. I have learned my lesson; always use the best quality foods, you will taste the difference.

How do you prepare almond milk?

  • 1 cup of raw almonds soaked in water overnight
  • 3 cups of water
  • Optional: 2 Medjool dates without the pit or a little bit of your preferred sweetener
  • A blender or food processor
  • A nut milk bag or a cloth or an old (clean) pantyhose*
  1. Drain the soaked almonds and wash them
  2. Add the almonds into your blender with the cups of fresh water
  3. Blend it for about 30 seconds (you can add the dates or sweetener)
  4. Lay the pantyhose over a bowl and pour in the milk
  5. Wring out the milk and pour it in a empty bottle with a lid (don’t through away the pulp, I will have a good recipe for that) I had about 500 milliliters of milk
  6. You can keep it in the fridge for 3-4 days


I am not a fan of using it in my coffee; it is just not the same as cow’s milk. You can use it in your oatmeal as I wrote before and maybe make chocolate milk with it.

*I used a pantyhose. I have cut off 1 leg and then cut off the feet, made a knot at the bottom so nothing could come through it.

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