The Important Things

LoveSome moments in life, you get a reminder of what is really important. Of course many of you have seen the bombings during the marathon in Boston. I think of all the families that are in grieve or scared for the situation their loved ones are in. Everyday people get in those kinds of situations, where their life is turned upside down, I had a few of them, and every time I realized that I normally worry to much about so many little things.

So, I am going to try to enjoy the little things instead of worrying about them. Like having dinner with people I love. If you know my friends and me than you know that we like to eat together. That normally goes a little bit like this: we meet each other at a restaurant or at someone’s home, thus far nothing special. We sit and have drink, take some bread with olive oil, and order our food. It all looks sophisticated so far, but when our food is on the table, these elegant girls turn into real food zombies. Food zombies? Yup! What we do is the following; the moment we get our dinner, we put our hair up, roll up our sleeves and wish each other a great match. During our dinner, we are focused on our food and have little interest in talking, so we say: “Wow, this tastes great” or “How is your oven roasted chicken?” and “Can I try your tagliata de manzo?”. After that we are really social and sophisticated again, although there can be traces of food in my hair.

Are you interested in observing our ways of eating, than you should go to restaurant Firma Pekelhaaring in Amsterdam, which is our habitat. The best way to study us is by doing as we do and take a bite there (amazing food and great cheesecake). Bring your loved ones for the full “food zombie” experience and enjoy life!

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3 gedachtes over “The Important Things

  1. Anjo Angela Lim zegt:

    LOL at the food zombies, Roos. I enjoyed this blerb. Yeah I feel sad about the Boston Marathon bombing, but it’s terrible that so many of them blame the arabs. I mean, this one Black anchor who works for FOX I think, tweeted “we should kill all the muslims”…I mean, one Saudi man and his son were gravely injured too. That they would automatically refer to this as “acts of terrorism” in regards to 9/11…

    Anyway, back to the food zombies! 😀 I love how you guys are super concentrated on eating your meal first, and chit chats and social time is saved for later. But what about dessert? Heheheheh

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