And Then She Took A Cookbook

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. I am not a chef and I do not pretend to be one, but is that necessary? The most important ingredient in a recipe is love and that is one of the things I can share with the people I cook for. Some days I have to be fast or my head is at a total different place, while my body is cooking in the kitchen. On those days I have to find another way to give the love that was left in my head, because the food didn’t get any.Jamie 30min1

When I am planning to make dinner I love to search through the Internet for great recipes, read other food blogs and look at beautiful food photography. Over the years I have learned a lot by doing this, especially using fresh ingredients and using healthy grains instead of eating pasta with every dinner.

Jamie 30min2 Jamie 30min3

I have a small library of cookbooks and one of my favorite cookbooks is from Jamie Oliver called “Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals”. In this book he wants to show people that it is easy to make a great dinner even on weekdays and that it only takes 30 minutes. Maybe you have seen his TV-show with the same name, where Jamie cooks with all his enthusiasm, makes you drool on your couch and wish for a Smell-O-Vision. One of my favorite recipes is the “Thai Red Curry With Shrimps”. The pages are a bit dirty, as you can see in this picture, because I have made this many times and love the taste of the coconut red curry with the crunchy sugarsnap peas and the fresh smell of lemongrass. It is an easy recipe, but I don’t know if I have ever made it in 30 minutes. Although it is explained really well, I think you should read the recipe well, before you start to cook, so that you know what to expect. And maybe you will need a little bit of Jamie’s energy. Apart from that this book contains many beautiful photo’s, made by David Loftus and a lot of delicious and healthy recipes; you will not have an excuse to buy prefab sauces and TV-dinners.

Jamie 30min4

It is almost Easter! Have you colored eggs or are you like me and prefer to eat them? Tomorrow I will post a nice fresh recipe that will be great to eat this Easter weekend.

Have a nice day!!!

In the Netherlands this book is called Jamie In 30 Minuten and was published by Kosmos Uitgevers

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