My week in Instagrams

 Sit back, put some music on and make some Room for Food MagimixLast week, my parents gave me this Magimix 5200 Premium food processor for my graduation. It took a while for me to think of a great present, I always wanted a juicer and a food processor and this one can do both!! I am so happy with it.


The first time I used the Magimix, I used almost every element of it, which leaded to a great mess, but with a delicious result…


It was so tasty, this juice was made of beetroots, celery, carrots and an apple, WOW!


Remember this one? The Almighty Strawberry Cheesecake! As you can see, we made some room for it, because it was sooooo good.


Açaí gives you an instant summer feeling, I will post a great recipe soon!


Oh yes, had it today. I can tell you: nothing beats the Homemade Granola


Without thinking I was cutting the oranges today. I looked through the window and saw the gray clouds, when I came back to my cutting board, I saw this. Sunshine!!!

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