Production Production

Snack time

A week ago I started this blog. No, no, do not think I am going to do a giveaway already. But it is really cool to see how people from all over the world respond to my posts, in liking it and commenting. Thank you!

My new blogging life is testing my organizing skills and oh boy, it takes a lot of prepping, brainstorming, photographing, editing and of course writing, but I must say: I get a lot of energy of being a newborn blogger.

I have to excuse myself, because today there will be no recipe whatsoever. But today I started producing new posts for you guys and there are a lot of delicious recipes waiting for you. Tomorrow morning I will give you a nice one you so stay tuned… Well okay, go get some sleep first!

Maybe these pictures, which I posted on Instagram, will make you dream a little better…

By the way, if you have any food related requests, fabulous restaurants tips, tasty recipes or anything delicious please tell me, your help will be rewarded with eternal fame on Room for Food

Sumo sushi porridge Tarte Tatin

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